About Us

The idea to create Paws King came up from two passionate pet lovers, inspired by their dearly beloved cat and dog. Meet our best friends, this is Rusty and Kleo.

 Paws King                                 Paws King Kleo.

With some help from our lovely little friends, the Paws King team goal is to propose the greatest pet trends and shop from the largest variety of cat and dog themed products. We are developing our product range over time as we gain more and more experience to include everything for our loving pets and their owners.  At our store, we aim not only to offer you the best price we can, but also to keep you and your pet feeling fabulous, not to mention looking it too. 

Paws King is more than a company we are a community. We want to share our knowledge about pets, and we want to make a society, where all pet lovers could come together for the latest news, advice. As well as, share pictures of their little best friends and everyday life of pets we love.

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