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Army Dog Bandana - valutispetstore

Army Dog Bandana

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Is your little friend looking like a true solider running around and keep fighting? So this one Army dog scarf is definitely for him, show respect for your dog and get one of these! High quality collar will fit perfectly from little puppies to your big dogs.

    Size Length/Width/High Neck
    XS 10.5/7/1cm 4.13/2.75/0.39 in. 19~23cm/7.48~9.06 in.
    S 12.8/8.5/1cm 5.04/3.35/0.39 in. 24~30cm/9.46~11.82 in.
    M 17/11/1.5cm 6.7/4.33/0.59 in. 31~34cm/12.22~13.40 in.
    L 26/16/1.5cm 10.23/6.3/0.59 in. 40~49cm/15.76~19.31 in.
    XL 35/21/1.5cm 13.78/8.26/0.59 in. 50~59cm/19.7~23.25 in.