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Did you know that dogs like to listen to music just like anyone else? A research done by by Kogan, Schoenfeld-Tacher and Simon from Colorado state university tried to determine how different types of music affects dogs. Research showed that classical music increases dogs sleeping period from 3.7% to 6% and decreases vocalisation. While heavy metal greatly increased vocalisation and indicated increased levels of nervousness. Investigation also indicated that certain types of music sounds may have a positive effect on canines’ behaviour.

It’s not only the music that your pets understand. In fact dogs can understand up to 150 words and even use tricks to fool owners and other dogs in order to get food or treats. Dr. Stanley Coren from university of British Columbia says that dogs are actually equal, in terms of intelligence, to that of a two and a half year old toddler. According to him, the intelligence of a dog depends on genes meaning different breeds have different levels of intelligence. As well as, on the environment in which dog lives. Coren identified three types of intelligence: instinctive intelligence or its ability to do what it was bred for. Adaptive intelligence – ability to adapt to certain situations on its own. Working and obedience intelligence – ability to learn from humans.

Dr. Coren also looked into dogs’ ability to do math (something even I can’t do). He found out that some dogs are able to count to five or even find error in some simple calculations such as 1+1=2 is correct and 1+1=3 isn’t. While observing dogs for his research, he noticed that dogs are able to memorize a location of things and places with high importance and determine the fastest route to it (such as their favorite couch). They can also understand meanings of words or emotions by observing and listening to their owner. This information allows dogs to manipulate their owners or other dogs in order to get more treats. Our pets are as witty and resourceful at tricking us as we are at tricking them.


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