Statistics – in favor of cats

It is hard to tell the exact number of cats living in the world, mostly because large portion of them are feral cats roaming our neighborhoods and garbage bins. However, the number of domesticated cats is more or less known.


There are estimated 500 million cats around the world. In Australia – according to statistics, there around 15 cats for every 100 people. Europe has its own leader – France. With around 13 million cats. However, the absolute winner in this category is U.S. There are around 74 million household cats in the USA.

So why do we love cats so much?

Our modern population, especially people living in big cities and urban areas, have less and less time to spend with their pets. People tend to spend their time off passively, at home, in front of TV or their computers. This lifestyle fits well with cats, as they require fewer activities then dog for example. Space is another issue when it comes to the cat or dog argument, dogs require quite a lot of space and they are usually more active than cats. Money is also an issue when it comes to pets, since taking care of a dog is usually more expensive in terms of food and health of a pet.

Dogs require constant training and need to be thought to behave, while cats are natural ‘aristocrats’ and there is not much we can do about it. Therefore, dogs are more of a responsibility.

Finally, psychologists suggest another explanation on why people prefer cats to dogs. People are becoming increasingly tired of the crazy pace we have to experience in our daily lives. Thus, they prefer peace and quiet in they households and this is something they can enjoy in a company of a cat. Like minded souls find one another...

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