How to walk your dog

You are not wrong thinking that walking your dog is easy. It is easy with some of the dogs. However, most of the time walking your dog can become a burden or a routine chore you have to get through for the good of your pet. It does not matter if your dog gets too excited, drags you by the leash or get aggressive. Below you will find some tips on what to do to make your walks together a little more pleasant.

You do not take you dog for a walk. Sounds stupid? Well this is how it is supposed to be: YOU are getting ready for a walk. You take your dog with you out of love for the pet. You are not doing this because of it, this is not walking the dog – it is you going for a walk. (Well in fact it is taking your dog for a walk, but shh do not tell your dog that) you decide where and in what pace to go or when to stop. Your dog should control you by pulling you aside, dragging you to go faster and so on. You should control the walk.

Do not stop at every streetlight, bush or wall. Male dogs in particular like to stop and mark their territory on every corner. Was it your decision to stop at that street streetlight? Was it your dog that decided to stop – read the point above. Your dog can wait until you find a good spot. Of course, it is fine if your dog can stop wherever and whenever it wants, but who is in charge of the walk then? If your dog controls you, can you really blame him for pulling you around? Same goes for sniffing out dirt, burrows etc.

Random walk in a park should not look like a random walk in a park! Instead you should walk as if you have destination in mind, in your desired pace with head held high. Pretend that you know exactly where you want to go to (even if you do not). Would you follow someone without purpose? Dogs would not follow as well. If you want your pet to follow you instead of just dragging him along you have to look like you are in charge. You will be surprised with the effectiveness of your image.

Dogs playingYour dog does not have to interact with every dog around. You do not talk to every single person you meet on the street do you? Why would your pet have to smell every dog in the park? Some of them, just like us humans, might just not be in a mood to socialize and this can lead to uncomfortable situations. It is fine if you want to stop so your dog can interact with other dogs – you decide you are the boss!  

Equipment does not matter.
Some people spend ridiculous amounts on smart leash or muzzle. You do not need state of the art equipment. It is more important to know how to use it instead of what you are using

 If walking your dog is a constant pain and not an enjoyable experience anymore, do not call your doctor, instead call a professional dog trainer. You will not even notice how fast you will start to enjoy walking your dog again. Like most of things in life, walking your dog is much more enjoyable once you know how to do it properly.

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