How to control your dogs barking?

Dogs barking is their natural instinct. That is how dogs communicate with each other, or warn about danger. However, dog owners should be able to control this behavior. Dogs that are bored or feel socially isolated have to let off the excess energy and start barking.

Dog barking

This is common with dogs who are left alone a lot. Barking becomes a form entertainment, something interesting to do in all the spare time. Sometimes the owners encourage this behavior, when they only pay attention to their dog when dog is barking and forgets to complement their pet when they are calm.

If we want to control dogs barking we have understand that dogs usually bark when they are bored or sad. Thus:

  • Dog will not be bored if you occupy them, train them or play with them. Mental and physical work is trying for both humans and dogs, but it should not be boring or become a dull.
  • If the dog is lacking social interactions with other dogs, their smells. Take a regular walks with your dog and do not settle for the same routes every time, change of scenery will let dog explore and have more fun. Allow your pet to run free in the park and he or she will be tired and satisfied once you are home and will not bother you with barking.
  • If your dog has a freedom to run around the backyard does not mean there is enough physical activity to occupy the canine.
  • When you are having issues with your dog barking while you are away, try leaving some toys for him and playing with him for at least a while before leaving.
  • Your dog might start to bark asking for your attention; try not to react to this behavior, this will only encourage it furthermore.

Most common mistake that the dog owners do is reacting differently every time a dog barks. One time owner gets angry at the dog, other times owner encourages or ignores it altogether. This constant inconsistency will only confuse the dog and will not solve the problem. In order to follow the rules the dog has to know what these rules are exactly.

Try training your dog. Once dog starts barking discipline it commanding to stay silent while holding a dog treat and reward a positive response with the treat. Try waiting a couple of seconds before giving the treat and increase the time span as the training continues. Only with continuous training and getting your pet used to your commands will allow you to control your dogs barking.

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