How not to hurt your cat

Would you like to find out what type of behavior hurts your cat? If you do not want your lovable ball of fur to start despising you or to be afraid of you, there are several things you should avoid. Below we will point nine things cats do not really like, so if you love your pet try to avoid doing these. Cat blog

  1. Shouting, raised voice scares your little pet more than you imagine. Cats’ ears are extremely sensitive so you shouting is even more stressful to them.
  2. Ignoring pain. It is bad if you do not pay attention to the signs that your cat is in pain. If your pet is constantly licking the same part of its belly, or scratches its ear constantly, you should start to get worried and take a closer look. Cats are good at hiding and ignoring pain, so you will have to be a detective when it comes to understanding if your pet is suffering. They cannot just come up to you and complain, can they?
  3. Dirty litter box. How would you feel if you would have to live with someone who does not flush the toilet ever? Probably like living in a sewer. Well cats might feel the same way if the litter box is always full.
  4. Teasing. That would include things like pulling its tail, stroking its fur when cat wants to sleep, picking your cat up when it does not want to or throwing your cat into the air. Cats do not understand this type of behavior and feels discomfort.
  5. Lack of attention to details. A non-groomed cat will lick itself to clean the fur and that leads to cats puking balls of fur. With unattended nails cat will have trouble walking on your carpet and will start to scratch everything. If you do not pay attention to cat having a hard time eating its food, it may lead to teeth problems and gum diseases. Little things matter! They may weaken you pet. In addition, grooming is not a little thing – it is very important.
  6. Punishment. Shouting “Bad kitty” (or shouting in general), throwing stuff at the cat or at the worst – physical violence against a  pet will make the pet miserable
  7. Ignoring your pet. Cats want to be a part of your household and desire love and kindness for which they reward you with their attachment and devotion to you. So ignoring the cat will make your pet confused and feeling lonely, just like any other family member.
  8. Clean water bowl. It might seem like a minor thing, but very often cat owner forget to change the water thinking it is still clean and not noticing how murky and full of dirt the water is. You should change the water in your pets’ water bowl often. Just think about it, how would you like to drink muddy water? Cats like fresh cold water just as we do.
  9. Violence. This should be a no-brainer! If you use violence against your pet, you should not own a pet in a first place! Anything from soft slap on the back to kicking you pet is inhumane, evil and morally wrong and it causes cats fear. Things like that break your pet psychologically. Cat becomes jumpy and afraid of people. If you use violence against your pet – you do not deserve it.

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